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Built for incredible patient support

Pigeon is created by doctors, for doctors and designed around your team’s busy schedule.


Streamlined system

Pigeon takes advantage of SMS, mobile and the web to create a simple and powerful communication system using the right interface for each user.

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Simple inbox for your team

With the Pigeon Health messenger app, your staff members will have one inbox for all their patients, with the ability to see conversations in all the teams they’re a part of.


Get notified only when you need to

With the abilities to turn notifications on and off for each conversation and ping teammates when you need them, Pigeon makes sure you’re alerted when you need to be without blowing up your phone.


You can ping teammates to look at messages they’re missing so that nothing falls through the cracks.


You can join or leave conversations as they become relevant or irrelevant to you. You get notifications only when you join a conversation, but you can always catch up on your team’s conversations.


Easy appointment reminders

Add automated appointment reminders and give your team a quick rundown of the day’s schedule.

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Seamless team management

You’ve got enough to worry about, so you don’t need to waste time managing another software system. That’s why Pigeon’s Admin Dashboard is simple and easy so you’ll be up and running in no time.

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