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Set A Passcode

Set A Passcode

Require a code or pattern to unlock your phone


1. Open Your Settings

You can access this by tapping the menu button on the bottom left of your device.

2. Select “Notifications”

This is typically located near the top and has a red icon.

3. Scroll down and select “Messages”

This will be a list of all apps installed on your phone capable of sending notifications, arranged alphabetically.

4. Toggle ‘Show Previews” off

This is located under “Message Options” at the bottom. If the toggle switch is on (green), the content of incoming text messages will be displayed on your lock screen when you get a notification. If the toggle is off (white/grey), the content of the messages will be hidden on the lock screen.


1. Open your Messages app

This is the app that you use to send and receive text messages.

2. Select “Settings”

You can find this option by tapping the the three-dots icon in the top right corner.

3. Select “Notifications”

This should be located at the top of the list of items.

4. Toggle “Pop-up display” off

This is located at the bottom and should have an explanation of what toggling the setting does. If it’s on (red), you’ll get a pop-up notification with each incoming message displaying the content of the message. When it’s off (white/grey), you won’t receive a pop-up, but will still be notified of incoming messages.



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